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About Joanne

Joanne D. Gilbert, M. Ed, is an award-winning author, popular educator, and public speaker. Joanne grew up in Oak Park, Michican, a predominantly Jewish suburb of Detroit. Many of the residents were Holocaust survivors who had defied the Nazis. Inspired by the poignance and power of their stories, Joanne became dedicated to finding, sharing, and celebrating successful defiance of the Third Reich.

Celebrating Female Anti-Nazi Resistance!

Women of Valor

Female Resisters to the Third Reich

As combat partisans in the forests, spies, couriers, code-breakers, smugglers, nurses, translators, and rescuers of Jewish children and adults, these women of valor demonstrate that the Jews did not “go silently like sheep to the slaughter.” Be inspired by their true stories of resilience and victory, and celebrate the legacy of their courage, which still brings light to the darkness.

Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich
cover A Victory for Mirian
A Victory for Miriam! The Little Jewish Girl who Defied the Nazis
Women of Valor: French Resisters to the Third Reich

Presentatations designed to meet the goals of specific audiences:

Joanne is a passionate and popular speaker and teacher. She offers a variety of presentations and teaching materials to supplement her Women of Valor book series.

community groups

Community Groups

From churches to book clubs, retirement communities, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, genealogy groups, and international conferences, Joanne’s presentations never fail to engage and inspire.

Jewish organizations

Jewish Organizations

From Limmud Days of Learning, Sisterhood Luncheons, Jewish Community Centers and Synagogues, audiences respond to Joanne’s presentations with enthusiasm and appreciation.

schools and colleges

Schools & Colleges

Whether middle school, high school, or college, educators and students invite Joanne to return again and again to showcase her ever-changing, dynamic presentations about Anti-Nazi Defiance.

teacher training

Teacher Training

In partnership with the Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center, Joanne conducts training workshops for teachers who want to incorporate Holocaust Education into their various curricula.