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cover Women of Valor, French

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Women of Valor

French Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich

When France surrendered to Germany on June 22, 1940, strictly-enforced curfews, food and fuel shortages, ever-changing governmental directives, and random, brutal reprisals for any resistance activities, were quickly imposed. These mental, emotional, and physical hardships combined with the Germans’ barbarous determination to exterminate all Jewish people, created an environment of constant terror and deadly chaos.

Despite the seeming impossibility of resistance, however, many groups emerged to fight their murderous persecutors. Daring, indomitable Jews along with courageous, selfless Christians, saved thousands of Jews. Four of these resisters were young women who risked savage torture and death to keep Jews and their protectors, safe and alive.

The astonishing true stories of Marthe Cohn (the diminutive, elusive blonde spy), Frieda Wattenberg (the rescuer of 100s of Jewish children), Magda Trocme (the Huguenot, who along with her husband, Father Andre Trocme, organized the protection of at least 2,000 Jews), and Raymonde Fiol (the little girl who hid in plain sight and unwittingly transmitted German intelligence to a French resistance group), prove that instead of going “silently like sheep to the slaughter,” Jews in France fought fiercely to save each other and their protectors.