Joanne D. Gilbert

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Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich

Joanne’s award-winning narrative-non-fiction book is based on her extensive research and interviews with elderly women, who as girls, had actively and successfully defied the Nazis and their collaborators. Their true stories show that the Jewish People did not go, “silently like sheep to the slaughter.”

  • Appropriate for high school through adults
  • Teaching materials available

A Victory for Miriam! The Little Jewish Girl Who Defied the Nazis

Written in partnership with Child Holocaust Survivor, Miriam M. Brysk, Ph.D, this true story of an indomitable little girl who lived in the brutal forest along with combat partisans provides a new and inspiring perspective on the role of children in anti-Nazi Resistance.

  • Appropriate for middle school through adults
  • Teaching materials available

Introduction to Holocaust History

For groups who have little to no background in the events that led up to, and occurred during and after the Holocaust.  Learn about the origins of antisemitism, the break between Judaism and Christianity in 70 CE, antisemitism in the Middle Ages, the Russian Revolution and The Pale of Settlement, pogroms, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the devastation of WWI, Versailles Treaty, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the occupation of Poland, the establishment of ghettos, concentration, and death camps.

  • Appropriate for middle school through adults
  • Teaching materials available

Commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, April 19, 1943

The events that led up to the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising are both very human and very complex. Learn about the extraordinary heroism of the resistance including the remarkable Ringelblum Archive, the manufacture of weapons, the intrepid couriers, and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews’ annual Daffodil Day campaign to commemorate this historic event.

  • Appropriate for middle school through adults
  • Teaching materials available

Recovering the Lost Mezuzahs of Poland

Jewish People have lived in the region now known as Poland for almost 1,000 years. During these centuries, they have practiced their religious traditions whenever possible. Among these is the placement of a Mezuzah, which contains verses of the torah on parchment on the door posts of their homes. Learn about what happened to these Mezuzahs during the Holocaust, and how the founders of Warsaw’s Mi Polin Art Gallery and Studio are finding and preserving remnants of these Mezuzahs in bronze.

  • Appropriate for middle school through adults
  • Teaching materials available


“Author and lecturer Joanne Gilbert has been a frequent guest speaker on the popular Sunday film-and-discussion programs of the Sousa Mendes Foundation. Her longstanding friendships with many of the heroes that she profiles in her books allow her to add insights into her narratives that other authors might miss.  Her lectures are always impeccably prepared and presented, and a joy to watch. She is a true expert on stories of resistance during the Holocaust, particularly those of women.”
—Olivia Mattis, Ph.D., President, Sousa Mendes Foundation

“Joanne Gilbert’s presentations about Women of Valor: Resistors to the Third Reich, and A Victory for Miriam: The Little Jewish Girl Who Defied the Nazis, are engaging and important contributions to Holocaust education. Joanne presents with warmth and vivid historical detail, creating a strong connection to the audience, and emphasizing the humanity and reality of the women she commemorates. Joanne’s books and presentations are especially essential as the generation of Survivors passes the duty of storytelling to the next generations.”
—Amy Kurzweil, author of Flying Couch: A Graphic Memoir; Artificial: A Love Story

“Joanne Gilbert’s presentations and books on the Holocaust leave an indelible impact on audiences. Through meticulous research and eloquent storytelling, Ms. Gilbert sheds light on the darkest chapter of human history with sensitivity and depth. Her ability to engage, educate, and inspire empathy is unparalleled. I highly recommend Joanne’s work to anyone seeking to understand the complexities of the Holocaust and its enduring significance in collective memory.”
– Dr. Mehak Burza, Program Director of Holocaust Studies, Global Holocaust and Religious Studies: Global Center for Religious Research, Denver, Colorado; Assistant Professor, English, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India; Board of Directors, Teach the Shoah: The Holocaust Through Story

“To take action for positive change requires conviction and courage. Just like the historic Women of Valor (who chose to fight oppression and save lives), she documents in her books and presentations, Joanne Gilbert confronts the challenges of our time by inspiring the compassionate call to action within each of us.”
—Joshua Abbey, Cultural Arts Producer, Filmmaker, Founder and Director (2001-retired 2023) of the Las Vegas Jewish Film Festival (LVJFF)

“Joanne Gilbert is an extraordinary author and speaker who tells the little-known stories of indomitable young women who actively resisted the Nazis during the Holocaust. Whether speaking to school children, civic groups, senior communities, church groups, or men’s or women’s organizations, Joanne captures and engages the attention of all through her conversational speaking style, sense of humor, and obvious passion for her topic. Her profound love and respect for these remarkable women shines through each presentation, providing us all with role models for confronting oppression.”
—Susan Dubin, Author, Holocaust Educator, Director: Sperling Kronberg Mack  Holocaust Resource Center, Las Vegas, Nevada