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Celebrating Former Partisan Faye Schulman

Please join the Sousa Mendes Foundation for “A Memorial Tribute to Former Partisan Faye Schulman” on May 9, 2021, 1 pm Pacific Time.Featured guest speakers will be Author of “WOMEN OF VALOR: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich,” Joanne D. Gilbert; JPEF Founder/CEO Mitch Braff; and acclaimed documentarian, Shelley Saywell.

NOTE: If the day is inconvenient, please register anyway so you will have access to the recording of the panel discussion, as well as Shelley Saywell’s marvelous documentary, “Out of the Fire,” about Faye’s late-in-life reunion in Poland with her elderly partisan comrades.

Faye Schulman, Joanne D. Gilbert

What a joy it was to work with Faye for her chapter in my book, Women of Valor: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich. In 2015, it was my honor and joy to partner with Faye for a presentation to the Toronto Jewish Genealogy Society. Faye discussed her work as a photographer in the Partisans, as well as her medical and combat experiences. Her beautiful, piercing eyes saw so much more than most people . . .

Holocaust Survivor and Partisan Fighter, Faye Schulman, returns to her home town of Lenin–once in  Poland, now in Belarus–where she lived with her family when the Germans invaded in 1942. Unlike her family, Faye was able to escape death because  her talent with a camera made her “useful” to the Germans. Ultimately she escaped – with her camera – to the forest where she and joined and fought with a group of Partisans.Fifty-five years after Liberation, she returns to Poland to pray for her lost family and to meet again her few surviving Partisan comrades. By turns joyous, poignant, heartbreaking and triumphant, Saywell’s engaging and fascinating documentary captures the truth about Jewish Heroism during–and after the Holocaust.

Partisan Fighter & Photographer
From combat partisan to professional photojournalist, Faye’s skill and determination propelled her through history . . . and through her photos and stories, takes us along with her–proving that the Jews did not go “silently like sheep to the slaughter.”

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