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How Grampa Got His Bald Spot

In order to understand, you need to know that Charles Lindbergh was a very big deal in 1927. When he returned home from the first-time-ever, trans-Atlantic solo airplane flight on his Spirit of St. Louis, everyone just went crazy! His flight had changed the course of history–although we didn’t know then. Of course there would be a massive ticker-tape parade in Manhattan, with millions of cheering—not to mention drunken and rowdy—fans lining the streets. And we 6th graders were determined to be part of the celebration that would welcome this All-American hero home. (Of course this was a few years before we would learn about his antisemitism–or even what antisemitism was.) This was the biggest historic event that had ever happened during my whole, albeit very short, life. And even though it would take place in Manhattan—on a school day, yet—I knew in my heart and soul that this boy from Brooklyn would be there. 

Celebrating Former Partisan Faye Schulman

Faye Schulman

Please join the Sousa Mendes Foundation for “A Memorial Tribute to Former Partisan Faye Schulman” on May 9, 2021, 1 pm Pacific Time.Featured guest speakers will be Author of “WOMEN OF VALOR: Polish Jewish Resisters to the Third Reich,” Joanne D. Gilbert; JPEF Founder/CEO Mitch Braff; and acclaimed documentarian, Shelley Saywell. NOTE: If the day … Read more